World Water Day 2017: Focus On Wastewater

World Water Day 2017: Focus On Wastewater

March 22, 2017  Like By 0 Comments

World Water Day takes place annually on March 22 and encourages action against water crises around the globe. This year’s theme is wastewater.

Wastewater from homes, cities, industrial sites and agriculture is often not treated or disposed of properly, which leads to environmental pollution and a lost opportunity to reuse the wastewater in productive ways. Wastewater is undervalued as a potentially affordable and sustainable source of water, energy, nutrients and other materials. Rather than simply being viewed as a burden to be disposed of, wastewater needs to be recognized as a valuable resource.

With proper management and treatment, wastewater from homes and businesses can be recycled and used as a source for cooling and heating, irrigation or vehicle washing. Many cities in the United States have municipal wastewater treatment systems in place, but these outdated systems are unable to remove certain pollutants that can harm people and the environment. Additionally, the wastewater infrastructure in the United States is aging and failing in many places. In rural areas, wastewater is often disposed of into the environment with very little treatment, or costly measures are taken to haul wastewater away for proper disposal.

OxyShark® Water Reclamation eliminates these long-standing issues with its effective and efficient method of treating domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. OxyShark cleans untreated wastewater by passing it through thousands of square feet of media, in which beneficial bacteria consume waste materials in the water. This natural process eliminates the need for chemicals, which allows operators to directly discharge or reuse the resulting effluent water under most circumstances. Furthermore, OxyShark’s modular design also allows it to be designed or retro-fitted for use in various sites and applications.

Clean water is a core element of a productive society, and many people do not have access to safe water for drinking, bathing, cooking and other everyday tasks. Improper wastewater management often contributes to these problems by allowing contaminated water to interfere with otherwise potable water sources. Using advanced technology such as the OxyShark system to combat the environmental threats, health issues and high costs associated with wastewater and wastewater treatment can leave a significant positive impact on the planet. There is a growing need for industries to reduce their wastewater and treat it before discharge, and OxyShark is proud to be an innovative leader in sustainable and affordable wastewater treatment.

For more information about OxyShark’s process and systems, visit oxyshark.com or call 251.470.6870.

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