OxyShark’s Take on Water Quality

OxyShark’s Take on Water Quality

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Pollution in the water supply – whether groundwater or surface water – is an ever-growing problem, but there are steps you can take in your daily life to help protect sources of fresh water. 

Drinktap.org, a valuable resource from the American Water Works Association, offers some simple tips to aid the water quality improvement effort: 

  • Use a commercial carwash to clean your vehicle. Washing your car at home can potentially flush harmful chemicals down the storm drain, which leads directly to lakes and rivers. 
  • Always pick up after your pets. 
  • Make sure to properly dispose of used motor oil. One quart of motor oil can contaminate more than 250,000 gallons of water! 
  • Sweep your driveway rather than spraying it down with your hose. 
  • Be mindful of pesticide and fertilizer use in your home garden as these can permeate the soil and contaminate ground water, or be swept away in runoff, affecting surface water. 
  • Do not flush prescription medications down the toilet. All too often, these medications end up in the wastewater system and are introduced out into the environment. Check with your local health department for information on proper disposal in your community. 
  • Help pick up litter on the streets and join in a beach, stream or wetlands clean-up project. 
  • Incorporating small changes such as these into your daily routine have a big impact on the quality of water in your community and in our public spaces 


OxyShark is working toward helping businesses reduce their environmental footprints by offering a wastewater treatment system that safely reuses or discharges the treated water. OxyShark can be used to treat wastewater for discharge to a stream or land application, for reuse in various other applications (e.g., washdown water, cooling towers, landscape, etc.) or for meeting regulation and compliance needs of a facility. Additionally, by treating wastewater with only beneficial bacteria and oxygen, OxyShark eliminates the need for costly and potentially hazardous chemicals that can pose a threat to the environment.  


The OxyShark team keeps water quality in mind year-round. If you would like to learn more about OxyShark’s system and process, contact us today. 

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