Car Wash

OxyShark® in a Car Wash Application

OxyShark’s efficient, easy-to-use process is proven to surpass all other aerobic biological and filtration systems in helping car washes handle excessive wastewater and keep harmful chemicals from polluting the environment.

See OxyShark in action in the video below.

Why Choose OxyShark® For Your Car Wash

Car wash owners invest in highly engineered chemicals and other products to set their services apart from others. When these products are combined with reclaimed water that is not thoroughly filtered, the result is wasted time, wasted effort and dirty vehicles.

Investing in an advanced system such as OxyShark allows car washes to reach their full cleaning potential by using high quality wash products and nearly potable reclaimed water.

Aerobic Biological Systems by the Numbers

OxyShark’s ability to thoroughly treat wastewater from car wash applications to be safely discharged or reused sets it apart from other, seemingly similar systems on the market.

OxyShark’s leading competitor treats wastewater by initially removing solids in the water, then infusing the water with air. Then, aerobic bacteria located in a small bio chamber consumes the chemicals remaining in the water, so the water is ready for reuse.

Is the leading competitor’s treatment process similar to OxyShark?

Though it sounds similar, the water produced by the leading competitor’s system is not at the same level of cleanliness as water produced by the OxyShark system.


 ≤ 150 mg/l


≥ 150 mg/l


≥ 10 mg/l


0 mg/l

*BOD is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms, like the bacteria in OxyShark’s media, to break down organic material present in a water sample to effectively clean the water.

Does water treatment time matter?

The leading competitor claims its system treats wastewater faster than any other. However, because the water is treated faster, its resulting BOD* levels are much higher than the water treated by the OxyShark system.



Water is held in OxyShark’s larger bio chamber for a longer amount of time than the leading competitor, because the more time the water spends in contact with the media, the cleaner the water becomes. Plus, the OxyShark system adds pure oxygen to the treatment process, which is a unique feature.

Aerobic vs. Basic Filtration Systems

Other conventional wastewater treatment systems do not have such a thorough treatment process.

Conventional Treatment



Instead of removing both solids and soluble material within the wastewater, only solids are removed through basic filtering. Though it appears clean and odorless, the resulting treated water still includes solubles and leaves behind sludge byproduct – in fact, standard filtration systems result in reclaimed water with BOD* six times more than OxyShark’s reclaimed water.

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